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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Can you identify the stock? - My next find# 2


Considering the enthusiastic response that I got for my previous stock find, I thought to share one more. Let’s see who many of you could give the correct answer to this one. Please see the clues below:

  • Looks like a Consumer durables company but it operates in three segments which makes it different from a ‘typical’ consumer durables company from this segment
  • The segment associated with Steel Structure is the largest segment of the company
  • Market cap is almost 1/10th of the revenue
  • The company has debt in its book, almost half of its total revenue
  • Stock Price is less than half the book value
  • PE is less than 5 and dividend yield is more than 2%
  • The company has a history of more than 50 years
  • Strong OCF
  • The most important point: promoters are continuously increasing the stake in the company. They bought more than 15 Lac shares in last 5 quarters
  • The company is showing superb growth Dec QTR revenue and NP have grown YoY basis by 19% and 38% respectively while the Sep QTR revenue and NP have grown YoY basis by 34% 44% respectively. Not only growth in topline and bottom line the margins have also improved
  • The ROE is in double digit.

Disclosure: while writing this, I or my family members do not hold the stock.

Look forward to receiving the name of the company. Please send it to my id niteen.dharmawat@gmail.com

Niteen S Dharmawat

p.s.:  Out of hundreds of responses that I received of the last stock, 5 are correct and I am still not disclosing the name to give another opportunity. Wait till 17th May for next meeting of Equity Pune... May cover the stock in the meeting.


Tushar said...

Last one i am still trying but this one i hold:

Fedders Lloyd Corporation Ltd

Unknown said...


Niteen S Dharmawat said...

It is Fedders Lloyd Corporation...

Disc.: I do not hold the stock.

Anonymous said...

dear niteenji, your views on hardcastle and waud and its land at kalyan dombivali being jointly developed by pioneer west. available at 32cr mcap

Niteen S Dharmawat said...

thank you for your comment and idea about Hardcastle. I do not follow and had a quick look at the numbers. I did not find anything exciting about it. If you have to look at the land holding then consider Paper Products. It has good core business supported by land in Thane, Mumbai. I delivered one presentation about 4.5months ago when Paper Products was around 70. Now the stock is around 110. You may see the PPT and take your decision: http://goo.gl/0GsBju My disclosure still continues.